Get Into This Incredible Bull Market Now

“Should I buy it?” my friend Megan asked.

“Did you see what happened on Friday?” My friend Justin asked.

After two months of direct action, the stock market declined sharply.

My friends want to know, is this the “end”?

“The end” to them means that the stock market will collapse too.

Just like the fall of the stock market in 2008.

Everyone now wants to sell in October 2007, when the markets are up.

However, more and more people now wish they had done something else.

Due to the collapse of the markets, it will be down in March 2009.

After that, the climb started … it never stopped.

This market behavior was so unpredictable that most investors left the market. Whenever the market is up and running, these people feel the “fear of losing” (FOMO) anxiety.

This includes a number of wealthy and complex providers.

After all, when the stock market slows down during the downturn, most investors fall short because they have lost money.

Is this the right time to celebrate these lost and isolated investors?

Recipes for the Large Weapon Market

No. There is very little chance at this point.

The reason is that the ones that are pushed into the market are markedly higher.

Those are the sales and future earnings.

According to FactSet, monetary estimates have reached the highest level of positive reform in 16 years this quarter.

Divided by sector, 10 out of 11 sectors recorded an increase in their accounting figures since January

This means that executives covering every segment of the market say that corporate trends are now too strong for companies.

When you look at the rates, it’s still small. When you consider the strength of the business model, growth is always positive. Globally, all the major economies in the world are growing.

Business conditions around the world have not been very good in decades.

Strong money, low interest rates, slow inflation and global growth are all cooking methods for the big blue market.

Is This The Next Owner Market Crash?

This is what I believe will happen.

If I read my articles, you will know that I believe the Dow Jones Industrial Average will reach 50,000 and higher.

I have been talking about this since the beginning of 2016.

Now, the stock market is likely to decline as well. However, it goes backwards and forwards.

The bottom line is that there will be no volatility of upcoming stock markets.

Yes, there is no question, it hurts to see your trees go down.

However, this is what I know from 25 years of manufacturing experience: You will never make big, hundreds of cents on products or even thousands of pounds of products, unless you press on. at times like this.

It’s time to Buy

So, if there is money in cash, then you want to avoid FOMO and the market will continue to grow … you have to go and start selling.

Focus on the trees that are connected to the great mega-events of our time – the Internet of Things, direct medicine, modern energy, fintech and the rise of the millennial generation.

These are the trees I focus on because these trees are very vigorous. And I believe they will get the most out of it as this blue market for timber continues.

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