The S&P 500 Taps This Team to Win the Super Bowl

Sunday Super Bowl is just a week away. Immediately after the big game, you will be reading about the Super Bowl award. This forecast represents the trend of the stock market for the rest of 2018.

Football is not a big issue in the real estate market. But before you decide not to pay attention to this brand, you need to understand why the brand works. Until then work work, meaning we can use the stock market to predict the end of the game.

The Super Bowl award is clear. If an old Rugby Football (NFL) team wins, wait for the Dow Jones average for the year to close. If a new American Football League (AFL) team wins, wait for the number to drop.

The economy will explain why this is so.

Old vs. Old

NFL years to 1920. His first teams were the Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns. The Rust Belt cities were growing in the 1920s. The builders built those great cities.

The AFL played its first games in 1960. Its teams in the big cities are boasting a new economy. Oakland is a technical home and home of the Raiders. The technical department of the East Coast Boston is home to the Patriots in the new league.

The Super Bowl Award works for the cause

This figure is accurate 75% of the time over the past 51 years.

A useful explanation for this track record.

The former economy is doing well, and the fans are doing well in those old NFL cities. They sell expensive tickets and provide the money needed to sign up for big players who can win.

If the new economy is doing well, the teams in those cities will be home to the most expensive players.

The manufacturing companies are the economic indicators of the Rust Belt, and these companies are mainly the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The healthcare economy boosts the old NFL and Dow teams.

Indicators Can Predict a Game

The Super Bowl award is not the only tool to watch at the beginning of the year. The first five-day January indicators show that if the Dow rises in the first five days of the year, the stock will close 83% of the time.

Combining the two ideas, we can predict the winner on the first five days of January. The record here is better than changing money. The First Five Days were considered Super Bowl 61% of the time.

This year, the first five Days have passed. We have to wait and see if the old NFL team wins the Super Bowl.

Meanwhile, boxers the Minors Vikings and the New England Patriots are excited to meet in the Super Bowl. If true, and that was the match, the Vikings were the best on the first five Days.

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